Utrecht Stadsschouwburg - life-size, scale 1:1 Video-installation: Witness The Fitness - RGB Gym Twenty sports enthusiasts practising their regular cardio routines, in an infinitive (24/7) video loop. Wooster Collective shared this.
Salida - Llegada. "Abel Binn walks his handmade paper planes."
Bocas del Toro Airport, Panama. More details click 'vimeo'.
Video by Department of Development (Paul Wolterink). Audio by Black Gold 360.
Bill and Jimmy by Black Gold 360. Video by Department of Development (Paul Wolterink). Collection by Johnny Buritto.
Four-Dudes-In-A-Recording-Studio lo fi music video. Kluge Leute play 'Bowlingbaan'. Enjoy.
Audio: Kluge Leute - Label: Beluga Recordings - Video: Department of Development.
Music Maker Magazine (hilariously enough) chose Bowlingbaan as their "Clip of the Month'.
Can you handle 6 minutes of darkness? And... a rendez vous with a saint?
Video Department of Development / Audio: Black Gold 360. More details click 'vimeo'.
Compilation students Image, Art & Media Technology, HKU, Hilversum: '60secs Type Sync to Voice'
Magic: "Sometimes we are so happy that we forget the presence of a camera..."
Lo-fi home/road-video feat. Johnny Flash singing along with QOTSA's Regular John.
A.k.a. 'Summer trip per convertible to Germany. (Long live VHS!). Details click Vimeo.
Pop Hit by Electric Puha and a re-edit of a blank packed 16mm reel, found on A'dam flee market. Thanks Wooster Collective for sharing and for tracing the footage's roots.
Highly hysteriacal electronic rock'n'roll from Danmark (EXPMX) against a serene Doha-evening...

Coldcut ft. Roots Manuva - True Skool
Warp / Akanda video remix. View here

H.M.L., School of Computing, Queens , Kingston, Canada, 2006
Artist in residence project. Photo: Artificial video surveillance will protect your office building against burglars.

Beluga TV shows, 2005
Programme design. broadcasts (video)